Travel Insurance

Business or Pleasure!?

Either way, we want to provide you with the coverage that best fits your situation, and gives you peace of mind. Trips can be unpredictable, and we want to make certain that you’re insured for bumps along the way.


Depending on your situation, you could be eligible for plans, discounts, or special rates. Your age and when you buy travel insurance can also help reduce premiums. For instance, there are early bird rates, and annual policies that can help save you money.


We’re able to provide coverage from insurers who specialize in dealing with those who might be considered higher-risk. And, covering all the bases, we can even find package policies that include trip cancellation or luggage loss, and coverage for rental vehicles.  Speak to one of our dedicated travel specialists today for more details.


Your premium is a representation of how at-risk you are during your travels. Factors include age, health, medication, trip destination, and the duration of your trip. These all contribute to the total risk which your insurer will calculate.


This shouldn’t be the case but sometimes people aren’t prepared to start the quoting process. The easiest way to make sure everything goes smoothly is to have all your information at hand. Medical history and medications are items that are most often forgotten about, so make a list of them. Being prepared, and being honest is your best bet.

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