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How to Prepare Your Cottage for the Upcoming Season

8 Apr 2024

As the days grow longer, the anticipation of cottage season in Ontario is in the air. While the promise of sunny days

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Unlocking Opportunities: A Glimpse into Diverse Insurance Careers

5 Feb 2024

As we celebrate Insurance Careers Month throughout February, let’s delve into the world of possibilities within the insurance industry. Insurance careers offer

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Winter Driving Habits: Protect Yourself and Your Premium

10 Jan 2024

The winter season brings an atmosphere of snow, hot chocolate, and cozy firesides. However, winter also comes with challenges of its own,

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Tips to Prepare Your Home for Extreme Weather

4 Dec 2023

From high winds and bone-chilling temperatures to freezing rain and heavy snowfalls, Canadian winters can be unforgiving. As we descend further into

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Two hens starring at the snow

Winterizing and Insuring Your Hobby Farm

6 Nov 2023

As the temperatures drop and the frost and cold are slowly upon us, gearing up for the winter season is crucial for

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smoke alarm on ceiling

Smoke Alarm Safety Tips: Fire Prevention Week

6 Oct 2023

National Fire Prevention Week (October 8th – 14th) is an annual event to remind us of the importance of fire safety in

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