Farm Insurance

A farmer’s home and property is their means to an income, and we want to protect both. Whether it’s dairy, cash crop, poultry, or hobby farm, we can help protect your home and the assets of your business. Each farmer has their own unique challenges, but in the end, it comes down to protecting their well-being.


Properly maintained buildings, machinery, and equipment help present an appealing risk to insurers. Loss prevention measures that you have applied will help improve the presentation.


A few of the farm mutual companies we partner with provide free loss prevention inspections. These assessments offer input on areas of your operation requiring attention. This is also a great way to learn about potential issues and safety concerns.  Additionally, as brokers, we can look at a number of different insurance companies, and select the one with the mixture of best premium and best coverage to ensure you get the best value!!


Many factors influence the cost of farm insurance. The type of operation plays a role, along with the property/facility/business size. The farms history of loss experience, and even loss prevention measures influence premium.


The starting points are inventories and valuations of machinery, equipment, stock, and produce. A detailed summary of your operation is important to ensure your liabilities are protected. And, it would be good to have your annual receipts in mind as well.

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