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Today’s Forecast: A Safe Drive

Was your morning drive quick and easy? The drive home could be completely different!

We are here to help with some tips on how to drive safe in severe weather.

Before we get to the tips, let’s go over a few important definitions:

  1. When a lots of rain falls, the water pools into puddles, and puddles can be dangerous to drive through.  High speeds and wet road conditions can make you lose control; when this happens you are Hydroplaning.

  2. Flash Freeze Warnings are issued when temperatures are likely to drop rapidly causing rain or melted snow to quickly freeze.

  3. Water that freezes and cannot be seen on the road is called Black Ice.  This type of ice is particularly dangerous because you can’t tell it’s there until you are sliding on it.

Now that we’ve reviewed those, we want to make sure you get home safe and sound.  So, without further ado here are some tips to follow for before, during, and after your drive.

Before your Drive:

  • Make sure your windshield, windows, and roof are clear of any ice and even debris that may have fallen on your vehicle.

  • Use your defrosters so that you can actually see out of your windshield and windows while you are driving.

  • Have a few essentials in case of an emergency – warm clothing, a cell phone + charger, extra windshield washer fluid, and jumper cables are a good start.

During your Drive:

  • Slow and steady is the most important thing to remember when road conditions aren’t perfect.  It’s much easier to hydroplane at high speeds, and it’s much harder to stop if there is ice on the road.

  • Leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you at all times in case you have to stop unexpectedly.  Even with winter tires, your stopping distance is increased by icy conditions.

  • Let the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) do it’s job!  Don’t try to pump the brakes if you are in a straight slide.  Just hold your foot down on the brake and you’ll hear the brakes quickly pulse and pump automatically.

After your Drive:

  • If it looks like there may be more freezing rain or snow it’s always a good idea to lift your wiper blades up so your job is easier in the morning.  You’ll find cleaning your windshield is much easier with them up and out of the way!

Even if you follow all of these tips, an emergency or accident can still occur, but now you are prepared and might even be able to help others in need.

If you know a driver that could use a refresher of these tips, feel free to share the link with them.  And, if you want to learn more about the road conditions you can check out road and weather conditions on the below links.

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Drive Safe Friends!