Summer Toys

With the warmer weather here, we now have to ensure that we stay safe with each of the toys we bring out for the summer. Our boats and personal watercraft on the water, and classic cars, motorcycles, and bikes on the road are some of the things that come out in droves once the heat sets in. 

Safety is the number one priority when you’re ready to enjoy your boat or watercraft. Make sure that you have enough life jackets and equipment that will be helpful if you go off course and have ensured that all repairs are completed to keep the watercraft or boat afloat. Please make sure that all safety precautions are taken before you or any passengers get on the floating apparatus. 

Summertime is the perfect time to show off classic cars, and there are many times throughout the warmer months where people gather to show off their classic cars to the public. Bicycles and motorcycles also frequent the streets during the summer, and those who ride them need to put their safety first. Anything you ride or drive during the summer should have maintenance performed on it to keep you and any passengers safe throughout the ride.

At DBI, we have insurance plans for all toys you bring out for the summer. Whether you want to make sure that your classic car can recover from an accident or have coverage when you make long trips on your boat, we have plans for nearly every summer road or water vehicle. No matter your needs, we have the coverage for any vehicle you have. We will allow you to enjoy the summer without worries or cares that your safety is taken into account when we help you set up your coverage. To get coverage on your boat, watercraft, motorcycle, bicycle, or classic car, go to to start a quote and ask any questions you may have.