Be Rewarded for Safe Driving: Fall Driving Tips

Fall is a beautiful time to drive, but it can come with its own set of challenges. From changing weather to increased traffic and animal sightings, the fall season can be tricky to drive around. Follow our fall driving tips and keep reading to see how you can be rewarded for safe driving.

  1. Shifting weather conditions

  • Fall weather is known for its constantly changing weather conditions, from sunny to windy to rainy, just like that. Check the forecast before you go out, and adapt your driving when the weather changes. 
  • Did you know that driving on wet leaves can be like driving on a sheet of ice? Loss of traction can lead to slippery and dangerous conditions, so make sure to slow down
  • Black ice can also happen in the fall, not just in the winter. If it’s a damp, wet day and the temperature drops below freezing, there could be black ice on the road
  • Stuck in fog? Use your low beams. Using high beams will be more difficult to see as the light reflects off the fog. Low beams help with visibility in the fog.
  1. Be on the lookout for deer

  • Deer are very active in the fall months, and if you think you’re going to hit a deer, experts recommend not swerving but turning in the direction the animal was coming from, braking firmly, and beeping your horn  
  • Slow down when driving at deer crossing sites
  1. Vehicle Considerations

  • Speaking of fog, according to NASA’s Mark Rober, the fastest way to de-fog your windows are: defroster fan on the highest setting > temperature set to the highest setting > A/C on > recirculate off > crack your windows. Learn more
  • With the days getting shorter and darker, ensure your headlights are clean and working correctly
  • Did you know you can get winter wiper blades? Check your wiper blades to make sure they are equipped for colder weather, or look at switching to a winter wiper blade
  • Wondering when to switch to your winter tires? When the weather is consistently 7 degrees or below, it’s time to swap.


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Fall driving tips to save on auto insurance