Author: Tyler Brown

Spring Car Care

It is officially spring and with the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, dbi Brokers is sharing some car care tips for entering the warmer months.

Seasonal Tires

Driving on winter tires when the weather starts getting warm can be destructive to the wheels and dangerous for driving. Winter tires are designed to perform on ice and snow, and they experience exponential wear when driven in warm weather. Not only is this dangerous, but will cost you more money, because the tires will degrade faster when changed seasonally.

Use the 7-degree Celsius rule: switch your tires when the temperature remains at 7 degrees or higher. If you haven’t already, May is typically a good time to change as the weather is consistently getting better.

Preparing Your Car for Warmer Weather

Your car deserves to be treated right. As the warmer weather begins, put some extra effort into preparing your car for the season.

Start by giving your car a good clean: remove dirt and salt from the floor and mats to keep them in useable condition. This is also the perfect time to check for cracks and chips in your windshield, as they are easier to see in good lighting.

Also, your wiper blades may be causing scratches, so inspect them to see if replacement padding is needed. When you change your tires for the season, remember to check the pressure of the tires in use, and ensure the spare tire is in good condition.

Car Emergency Kit

dbi Brokers recommends always having a Car Emergency Kit with you but changing the contents seasonally to suit the needs of possible emergencies. In addition to having essentials such as jumper cables and tools, we suggest creating a kit with the following items in it:

  • Food that won’t spoil (ex: granola bars)
  • Water bottles
  • First aid kit
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Candle and matches
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket

It’s better to be safe than sorry and having a well-stocked emergency kit can ensure this. Enjoy the warmer months and drive safe

spring car care tips


Kiddy Carving Winners

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated in this contest.  Seeing all the submissions and some great costumes on Sunday night really warmed the heart, and it was fantastic to have the kids out enjoying Halloween again.

We had so many amazing carving submissions that it made judging and voting really difficult, and we had dbi Brokers Ltd employees vote for over 6 of the submitted pumpkins.  That said there could be only one VOTES WINNER, and it is the CREEPY CREATION by DAX & DRESDEN.  Well done!


As for the social media votes we had a whopping 12 submission that received double digit likes.  However, one was a real crowd pleaser.  The SOCIAL MEDIA WINNER is this cute KITTY FACE by PEYTON. Congrats!


Congrats to the winners, and again thank you to all that participated.  To the parents of the winners – we will be in touch shortly to discuss the prize details.

Summer Toys

With the warmer weather here, we now have to ensure that we stay safe with each of the toys we bring out for the summer. Our boats and personal watercraft on the water, and classic cars, motorcycles, and bikes on the road are some of the things that come out in droves once the heat sets in. 

Safety is the number one priority when you’re ready to enjoy your boat or watercraft. Make sure that you have enough life jackets and equipment that will be helpful if you go off course and have ensured that all repairs are completed to keep the watercraft or boat afloat. Please make sure that all safety precautions are taken before you or any passengers get on the floating apparatus. 

Summertime is the perfect time to show off classic cars, and there are many times throughout the warmer months where people gather to show off their classic cars to the public. Bicycles and motorcycles also frequent the streets during the summer, and those who ride them need to put their safety first. Anything you ride or drive during the summer should have maintenance performed on it to keep you and any passengers safe throughout the ride.
At DBI, we have insurance plans for all toys you bring out for the summer. Whether you want to make sure that your classic car can recover from an accident or have coverage when you make long trips on your boat, we have plans for nearly every summer road or water vehicle. No matter your needs, we have the coverage for any vehicle you have. We will allow you to enjoy the summer without worries or cares that your safety is taken into account when we help you set up your coverage. To get coverage on your boat, watercraft, motorcycle, bicycle, or classic car, go to to start a quote and ask any questions you may have.

Pride Month in Ontario

Each June is celebrated as Pride Month throughout many countries, including Canada. Pride month is spent celebrating those in the LGBTQ+ community and the great impact it has across the globe. It is to promote the self-affirmation, equality, increased visibility, and dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. There are activities and events throughout the month to promote the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community.

The biggest way to mark the month is by having a parade, which is held in most regions and larger cities throughout Canada and other countries. The fear, struggle, oppression and loss is recognized all month long and the impact that LGBTQ+ people have had throughout the world is celebrated. Pride Month is celebrated in June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots that occurred at the end of June 1969. Since then, every June has been dedicated to uplifting of LGBTQ+ voices, celebrating the culture, and supporting the rights of the community. 

The city of Brantford is excited to be celebrating their 10th annual Pride month with events planned to recognize and celebrate the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people throughout the city. This year, we start the month off with a virtual raising of the Pride flag. Other events planned include trivia night, a film screening, a Rainbow meal at the Soup for the Soul, and if social guidelines allow it, we end the month with a pub night. In addition to all the events planned, the city is getting a rainbow sidewalk, just like Paris and other places have done. The County of Brant Public Library has made a list of the top 30 LGBTQ+ titles available there, as well as offering craft kits with a rainbow theme for kids available for curbside pick-up.

DBI Brokers Ltd. is an inclusive company and working environment that does not judge against sexual orientation. We will not turn away any client with sexual orientation, race, religion or political views. Supporting equality is something we pride ourselves on. 

For more information on Pride Month throughout Brant County go to For Brantford specific Pride Month events, go to for a calendar and list for the month of June.

Spring Cleaning: Cleaning, Repairing and Renos

Springtime is a great time of year to clean up our homes, and many take part in spring cleaning. Often, this is when homeowners start repairing and renovating their property & house. Whether it’s the warmer weather that motivates us to get moving or we are ready to start repairing after a long weekend, spring always sees this uptick. 


When the weather changes, the spring cleaning of your front yard will give you space and time to make some changes to your garden or landscaping. Planting beautiful new flowers to add a splash of colour to your yard. You could also upgrade or renovate your landscaping by adding a new walkway or border around your garden or driveway. Before you perform any landscaping at your home, please consult a professional to see what would best fit your needs and budget.


With any renovation, upgrade or repair, it is best to consult a professional before performing anything in or outside your home. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, upgrade your backyard with a deck or seating area, there are many professionals available for any project you desire. This time of year is the perfect time to have repairs and renovations, as the weather can have you spend time outside if the workers need to work inside your home and you can not disturb them. 

If your home is in need of repairs, your insurance could help with the costs, and ease the stress of needing to come up with all of the money to keep your home safe and in tip-top shape. Before, during, and after your renovations, keep in touch with your insurance broker to ensure that you are covered for the renovations you wish to make. 
For more information on home insurance, visit our website at where you can start 

General Health & Stress Relief Tactics During Lockdown

Lockdown has been stressful for all of us. There are many ways people have managed their stress and general health during these trying times. Some you can do on your own, and some can be done with the other members of your household. 


Something that will help you feel great is movement. Enjoy a daily walk around the block or find a trail (the All Trails app is amazing for this!). The fresh air and sunshine will make you feel good, and the movement will help your body. Consider joining an online fitness class or hitting the trails with your bike. Movement will help your mental and physical body!

Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with your loved ones through phone calls or video chatting will also help ease your stress levels. Although we can’t be near them physically, leaning on them emotionally during trying times will help.


Picking up a new hobby such as doing puzzles, knitting or diamond painting while you’re in your house for hours at a time will help stimulate your brain and lower your stress and anxiety levels during this difficult time. Puzzles have been a very popular way to spend lockdown. Puzzle makers saw sales go up by 300-400% during the quarantine.


Following a routine will keep your body and mind in sync during lockdown. This can include eating well, spending time outside or making a daily phone call to a loved one. If you are noticing your mental health is being affected by the lockdown, there are services and ways to manage that to keep you on track until life returns to normal. 

Get Professional Help

If you feel like you are experiencing higher than normal stress levels, consider talking to a therapist. Psychologists, psychiatrists or therapists are available to talk to virtually or over the phone. With the restrictions put upon us, a lot has been switched to a virtual platform to allow those who are stuck in their homes to have access to the services they normally would have to go out for. Ask your doctor for more information about how you can receive the help you need.

Due to the coronavirus, some private insurance companies can help you pay for mental health resources that you would normally have to pay for or that OHIP won’t cover. For more information or questions about an insurance package that will help you with health and mental health resources, contact us today through

Time to Open Your Cottage!

With the warmer weather approaching, it is time to re-open your seasonal cottage. Before you successfully open it, be sure to check for damages that may have occurred over the winter months.

Check the exterior of the cottage for any damages from critters before making your way carefully inside to see if any got in before searching for damages inside. Change the air filters if you need to and ensure that your septic system works. Check the foundation and ensure that your heating and cooling system works. Inspect any holes in screens, windows or the roof and get them fixed by a professional. Once you have finished inspecting everything and it’s all in working order and safe to spend time in throughout the warmer months, you can safely stay there yourself or rent it out.

When it comes to your home, spring cleaning is something that everything endures. Cleaning out everything that you no longer need or want to donate to someone who could get more use out of it will make your home feel less cluttered.

In addition to spring cleaning, landscaping and home renovations also occur most often during the spring and summer months. Any changes you want to make to the interior or exterior to your home is best done when you can be outside or staying somewhere where you can enjoy the warm weather while projects are being completed. Whether you want a deck built in your backyard or an extension built on your home, they are most enjoyed during the warmer months. May it be hosting family or friends over for a backyard barbecue, or enjoying your sunroom to have the sunlight while reading or crafting.

Spring and summer months are the perfect time to upgrade your home and enjoy the renovations and landscaping additions.

Protecting Your House – How to Minimize Damage from Water Damage

Standing in front of Niagara Falls is an awe-inspiring experience. Water is a powerful force of nature. And this force of nature can cause tremendous damage to your home as we enter into spring. Water is one of the top causes of damage to homes, and repairs may be expensive.

This blog will outline five ways you can minimize the amount of damage that water can make to your home and the valuables inside as the warmer weather starts melting the snow and the spring showers begin.

  1. Store Your Valuables – Protect your valuables by storing them in waterproof containers or bags and move them out of flood-prone areas in the home. Make sure there are no electrical cords laying on the ground. If there are appliances that are plugged in, be sure to unplug them and move them to a higher level of the home. Check your windows, air vents, skylights and chimney for any leaks. If you find leaks, be sure to repair them immediately. 
  • Floor Drains – After looking at windows and other openings in the ceiling, check the floor drains and remove anything that could cause it to clog. Keep the area surrounding the floor drain clear. 
  • Well Covers – Consider installing window well covers to keep window wells clear of pooling water and debris. As the winter weather subsides, you want to make sure that the snow and ice is far enough away from the edge of your home that it won’t melt, accumulate, and leak into your basement.
  • Check the Roof – Checking the roof for snow, ice, and missing shingles is also a crucial part of preventing water damage to your home. If you have any missing shingles, replace and repair them as soon as possible.

The spring thaw will melt the snow and bring the showers, causing water damage. If the spring melt results in water damages, contact Collectifide or your insurance company as soon as possible.

Spring Forward

Twice a year, we need to change our clocks. Now that spring is arriving, we need to gear up to spring our clocks forward an hour on Sunday, March 14th. 

Many people don’t agree with changing the clocks, but there are benefits to it. The sun seems as though it stays out longer throughout the day. That means you won’t need to turn your lights on in your house so early and you can see outside clearly as the night goes on.

A lot of people like daylight savings because they hate driving in the dark. This makes drivers feel more safe and better about driving conditions, and they feel that it helps reduce accidents.

More than anything, daylight savings time has a lot of health benefits. Seasonal depression seems to level off once we turn the clocks forward, since there is much more sunlight all around us. People enjoy waking up to the sun, and leaving work while it’s still light out.

The sunlight encourages people to enjoy the outdoors, and are motivated to walk more as the weather starts warming up in the spring months.

Daylight savings, is just that, saving the amount of daylight we get throughout the day. You can enjoy the sun for a longer amount of time. Whether you’re driving to work, enjoying the many trails we have around the County of Brant, or are just enjoying time with your family later into the day.

With the way this past year has been, it will be a welcome relief to be able to spend time with others outside. Even if it’s from a distance, it will still be a nice change. 

Whether you set your clock back before you go to bed on Saturday, March 13th, or stay up and change it at 2:00 in the morning on the Sunday, daylight savings time will be welcomed with open arms by many, many people.