Claims Care

In recent years we have been seeing more and more weather events that have the potential to cause damage. And, we understand that auto accidents happen. Should you ever need to put in a claim, we’ll be here to help with the process!


If you have a good driving record and meet the eligibility requirements, premium protection should be on your policy. This coverage waives the effect that an at-fault accident has on your rates. Later renewals will be unaffected unless there is a criminal conviction, or you’re not eligible for the renewal. Without this protection, your premium would increase and you would become ineligible for this coverage for at least 6 years.


When you have some of the above information and are safe, please contact us. We will connect you with our in house claims specialist to assist you through the claims process. Our claims specialists work on your behalf, so you don’t have to decipher insurance jargon, or deal with the insurer on your own. We also have a service should you need advice on how to proceed with a claim after hours. Call our office to get connected with the after-hours emergency service.


For any type of accidents, theft, or damage, it’s important to record as many details as you can. If possible, take pictures of all related damage. For claims to your home or property, take pictures and note when and where the events occurred. The same should be done for auto collisions. If the incident involves other drivers be sure to get their information. This includes license numbers, license plates, insurance cards, vehicle ownership, and phone numbers. Should there be substantial damage or injuries contact the police right away, and then give us a call.

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