About Us

You’re not just a number, you’re a person! And we aren’t robots; we answer our phones, get back to you as soon as we can, and provide you with sound insurance advice and plenty of payment options.

We know that every insurance situation is different, so we take the necessary time and care with each individual – get to know us, and we might even share a laugh together.  Since 1931 our specialty has been personal attention.


G.S. Dalrymple operated a small insurance agency from his residence in Ayr, Ontario, establishing Dalrymple Insurance.


G.S. Dalrymple completed the sale of a portion of his business in the Paris area to Murray Burns who established Burns Insurance Service.


John S. Brown (Jack) became one of the shareholders of the corporation and as other shareholders retired changes in ownership were made and we became a family business.


The purchase of Burns Insurance Service from Murray’s sons, Bill and Bob Burns, was completed and we established an office in Paris, Ontario. The business has come full circle since 1942.


The addition of Perrin Insurance Brokers Ltd in Simcoe and Goderich Insurance extends our area of operations. The Dalrymple-Burns Insurance circle of connectivity is now reflected in our new name dbi Brokers Ltd.

Meet the team

Alice Smith - Account Manager & Life Ins Advisor
Chris Benson - Account Manager & Claims Specialist
Joanne Hertel - Account Manager
Andrew Richard – Broker Processor
Maria Ford - Account Manager
Paul Dawson - Account Manager
Tracey Stevenson - Admin & Broker Processor
Trent Brown - President & Managing Partner
Tyler Brown - Account Manager & Managing Partner


We happily live in the Ontario communities that we do business in, and we have always taken strides to be a part of the community. We are proud to give back because with out the support of our family, friends, and neighbours, we wouldn't be the company that we have grown to be.