Spring Forward

Twice a year, we need to change our clocks. Now that spring is arriving, we need to gear up to spring our clocks forward an hour on Sunday, March 14th. 

Many people don’t agree with changing the clocks, but there are benefits to it. The sun seems as though it stays out longer throughout the day. That means you won’t need to turn your lights on in your house so early and you can see outside clearly as the night goes on.

A lot of people like daylight savings because they hate driving in the dark. This makes drivers feel more safe and better about driving conditions, and they feel that it helps reduce accidents.

More than anything, daylight savings time has a lot of health benefits. Seasonal depression seems to level off once we turn the clocks forward, since there is much more sunlight all around us. People enjoy waking up to the sun, and leaving work while it’s still light out.

The sunlight encourages people to enjoy the outdoors, and are motivated to walk more as the weather starts warming up in the spring months.

Daylight savings, is just that, saving the amount of daylight we get throughout the day. You can enjoy the sun for a longer amount of time. Whether you’re driving to work, enjoying the many trails we have around the County of Brant, or are just enjoying time with your family later into the day.

With the way this past year has been, it will be a welcome relief to be able to spend time with others outside. Even if it’s from a distance, it will still be a nice change. 

Whether you set your clock back before you go to bed on Saturday, March 13th, or stay up and change it at 2:00 in the morning on the Sunday, daylight savings time will be welcomed with open arms by many, many people.