Up your Irish IQ Before St Patty’s

It involves the Irish and Drinking Green Beer, but what’s St Patty’s Day really all about?

Here’s some info you’ll want to keep in your back pocket while you’re celebrating.


What is Saint Patrick’s Day all about?

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on the day Saint Patrick died.  Celebrations involve parades, music, and festivals, with lots of people wearing green.  Old Irish restrictions on drinking were lifted on this day, hence the connection with alcohol consumption.


Who was Saint Patrick?

Patrick was born into a wealthy British family, kidnapped by the Irish, and then became a bishop in Ireland.  He converted many to Christianity, and had many far fetched claims. For example, Legend has it that he droves the snakes out of Ireland. In reality, the island never had any snakes on it.


What’s the significance of the Shamrock?

Patrick used the three leaves of the Shamrock in his practice. He said that each corresponded with one of the ‘father, the son, and the holy spirit’. This was part of his process in converting the Irish to Christianity.


Are Leprechauns real?

Obviously not.  Legend has it that male Leprechauns spent days making and mending shoes.  Working hard for their money, they were very territorial about their pots of gold.  There aren’t any female Leprechauns.  Wait, what? You read that right. In Irish folklore, female Leprechauns don’t exist, and there are only stylish males.


Where did ‘the luck of the Irish’ come from?

During the gold rushes of the 1900th century, a number of the most successful miners were of Irish decent.  Over the years, miners would continually refer to good results as being a result of the ‘luck of the Irish’.


How much Beer is drank?

Saint Patrick’s Day ranks among the top 4 drinking days in the world.  Studies show that 152% more beer than usual is sold, and 819% more Guinness than usual is sold on on this day.


Other Stats and Facts:

60% of North Americans plan to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in 2018.

$5.9 Billion is spent on St Patty’s Day.

83% or more of people will wear green to celebrate.

The Chicago river is dyed with 45 lbs of green dye.

Saint Patrick’s Day ranked the 4th most popular day to drink.

60 people died in drunk driving crashes on St Patty’s Day in 2016.

75% of fatal St Patty’s Day crashes involved a driver over the .08 limit.

36% of people killed on 2016 St Patty’s day had a BAC level beyond the .08.


Don’t leave it to luck; have fun, drink responsibly, and drive safe!