General Health & Stress Relief Tactics During Lockdown

Lockdown has been stressful for all of us. There are many ways people have managed their stress and general health during these trying times. Some you can do on your own, and some can be done with the other members of your household. 


Something that will help you feel great is movement. Enjoy a daily walk around the block or find a trail (the All Trails app is amazing for this!). The fresh air and sunshine will make you feel good, and the movement will help your body. Consider joining an online fitness class or hitting the trails with your bike. Movement will help your mental and physical body!

Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with your loved ones through phone calls or video chatting will also help ease your stress levels. Although we can’t be near them physically, leaning on them emotionally during trying times will help.


Picking up a new hobby such as doing puzzles, knitting or diamond painting while you’re in your house for hours at a time will help stimulate your brain and lower your stress and anxiety levels during this difficult time. Puzzles have been a very popular way to spend lockdown. Puzzle makers saw sales go up by 300-400% during the quarantine.


Following a routine will keep your body and mind in sync during lockdown. This can include eating well, spending time outside or making a daily phone call to a loved one. If you are noticing your mental health is being affected by the lockdown, there are services and ways to manage that to keep you on track until life returns to normal. 

Get Professional Help

If you feel like you are experiencing higher than normal stress levels, consider talking to a therapist. Psychologists, psychiatrists or therapists are available to talk to virtually or over the phone. With the restrictions put upon us, a lot has been switched to a virtual platform to allow those who are stuck in their homes to have access to the services they normally would have to go out for. Ask your doctor for more information about how you can receive the help you need.

Due to the coronavirus, some private insurance companies can help you pay for mental health resources that you would normally have to pay for or that OHIP won’t cover. For more information or questions about an insurance package that will help you with health and mental health resources, contact us today through